Target boards at BMW IBU World Cup at Kontiolahti


Electronic range packages

It is possible to connect two types of electronics to the mechanical range package. Trainer T3 technology enables the automatic tuning of the targets and the vertical/horizontal switching function in a training situation. KES technology, on the other hand, is a system that, in addition to the above, enables data flow between the target equipment and the result service. With the help of the technology, automatic registration of shots and making shooting analyzes is possible, and the system is for this reason perfectly suited for the use of centers that organize competitions.


Trainer T3

Trainer T3

Biathlon Shooting Trainer 3T is an electronic biathlon target reset device and a stand/ prone position changer. Changer designed to use with the Kurvinen Biathlon Target SystemTM targets. With this device you can reset the target manually or automatically and change between stand and prone positions. In automatic mode the device recognizes the shots with a sensor. With one Biathlon Shooting Trainer 3TTM controller you can control from 1 to 3 targets.

Biathlon Target System Kurvinen's team member at BMW IBU World Cup at Kontiolahti

KES-results service system

With KES or the KURVINEN Electronic Scoring System the mechanical biathlon targets are converted into electro-mechanical targets which – combined with the electronic system – allow automatic registration of shots, printing, displaying of results etc.

KURVINEN KES 2009 is a system which both controls the targets and is an electronic scoring and reporting system. It can be used during competitions and training sessions. The system includes an automatic target reset system for training and a data interface for most common biathlon timing & graphic software available on the market.

It is for Biathlon ranges which want to meet the international training and competition requirements functions such as automatic target operation and electronic scoring is needed The KES 2009 system guarantees the production of information for TV and timing system.

Modern manufacturing and determined product development

Biathlon Target System Kurvinen is a world-class pioneer in biathlon target and range systems. We have designed and produced Biathlon Target System Kurvinen –products already over three decades.

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