Athletes shooting at BMW IBU World Cup at Kontiolahti


Biathlon range packages

We are a total supplier of biathlon range systems approved by the IBU. We represent the ultimate top of our field.

Complete biathlon range packages are pre-designed solutions that include everything essential for setting up a biathlon range. Depending on the usage needs and requirements, there are two different main lines to choose from – electromechanical or mechanical package, which can also be customized in terms of content to meet the needs.

The luminous range package with canopy is the “standard environment” since the 90s for either an electromechanical or mechanical system. The content of the total package consists of everything from complete delivery to a customized solution, which is always case-specific.

Versatile combination tracks have also become popular, due to their wider possibilities of use. On the same track, there can be electromechanical range equipment, mechanical range equipment, parabiathlon equipment for both the physically challenged and the visually impaired. More efficient and versatile utilization!

Target boards at BMW IBU World Cup at Kontiolahti

Electronic range packages

Athletes at BMW IBU World Cup at Kontiolahti

Mechanical range packages