Biathlon target "E-BSS", Additional headphones, Shooting stand "E-BSS"


Biathlon target 350/30 with battery, E00266A

Biathlon target 350/30 without battery, E00041A 


E-BSS biathlon target enables biathlon-like practicing for the visually impaired. Shooting takes place in appointed order from left to right. The target will show a hit with green light and a miss with red light to coach, assistant and audience. 
The target is available either mains or battery operated. A rechargeable biathlon target makes it possible to use the whole equipment without mains current for several hours.

- E-BSS biathlon target, suitable for E-BSS rifle
- Power source for the biathlon target 24 VDC
- Target's control cable


Additional headphones, E00188A

Eko-Aims additional headphones are meant for assistants or coaches who are then able to follow-up the shooting and to react correctly in each situation.


Shooting stand "E-BSS", E00662A

The shooting stand designed for the Eko-aims E-BSS rifle is similar to the one used in competitions. The top of the stand is made of weather- and frostproof plastic and the feet are made of steel. Between shootings in practice and in competitions the rifle is resting in the slot of the stand. Thus the rifle will remain clean and ready in the right, familiar position for the next shooting.



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