Modern manufacturing and focused product developing

Suomen Biathlon Oy makes modern technology accessible to all biathlon competitors and enthusiasts. Thanks to our focused product development, athletes and other enthusiasts can take advantage of electronic range solutions on the top of the mechanical ranges.

All products of Biathlon Target System Kurvinen are developed and manufactured in the company-owned production unit in Finland. High quality is ensured by our modern machinery, extensive material management and skilful staff. Moreover, our own production unit enables continuous development work and equipment testing.

Among others, famous forestry equipment manufacturers and Abloy Oy, an international expert in locking technology, utilise the services of our engineering works.


High quality and cost-efficiency

Suomen Biathlon Oy is investing in the high quality of products and services. Our target and range systems are designed to last and to be accurate and reliable. Our equipment operate reliably also in demanding circumstances, regardless of weather.

Maintenance costs of our target systems are low, making the use of them cost-effective. Continuous testing of products and services and continuous development are the basic principles in our company. Kurvinen Biathlon Target System has been officially approved by the International Biathlon Union IBU.

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